Enneagram Wings of 5

Back again with the next up wings video! This time I’m discussing the differences between 5w4 and 5w6, and how these two varieties of the Investigator are experienced differently in the world.

Check it out, and as always let me know if you have thoughts, or questions!

Enneagram Wings of 5

Misidentification: 3 vs 5 (video)


A new full length video is up on the Enneagram Girl YouTube Channel, and this time I’m touching on the main differences that help us to discern between 3 and 5– this inspired by a conversation I had with some friends last night!  Check it out and also the info graphics and instincts for the Achiever and the Investigator may be helpful!

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Misidentification: 3 vs 5 (video)

Enneagram Photo Project {Part. II}

If you are just chiming in, check out Part. I of this project. 🙂

A note on seeing the images closer (to read all the quotes): click the image once, which should open a new page, and then click to see the full sized image.


Today I’d like to present head types, the over-thinkers of the Enneagram. Coming alongside that analytical nature, though, are the themes of Fear and Anxiety– each head type struggles with their own, unique brand.


Investigators seek to know, and understand all things– they exist largely in their inner worlds to cultivate that knowledge, and fear sharing or releasing it to the world. It’s why 5’s are said to struggle with avarice, or greed, which applies much more to their space, thoughts and selves than to anything else. There are often themes of social anxiety with Enneagram 5, because the physical world is not their playground. Inner message: you are only safe once you learn everything.

You can check out my overview of 5 basics here.



Loyalists are the classic Fear type– which I’ve often read is why they are the central head type. For a 6, this theme is much broader, and rooted in a quest to find security outside of themselves– loyalty, whether with friends, their workplace, church, family, sports team, etc. Because they are overly vigilant about their security (physically, emotionally, relationally etc.), 6’s often entertain worst case scenario thinking that can lead to anxiety, and indecision. Inner message: you are only safe if you have the consistent protection of others.

You can check out my overview of 6 basics here.



Enthusiasts are most carefree when emerging themselves in the experiences and variety of the outside world. Fear for them, centers around addressing their inner world, and the pain or dark feelings that exist there. 7’s are natural optimists that use their busy schedules and event filled lives to distract from any inner turmoil– their tendency to be experiential junkies is mostly to push down a fear of pain, and to evade the quiet that might force them to hear their own thoughts. Inner message: you are only safe if you keep moving.

You can check out my overview of 7 basics here.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions or comments, and be sure to tune in for gut types (8, 9 and 1) tomorrow! 🙂 I’d love for you to share this project, but please do not use the images without my express consent. Thanks!


So much thanks to all of my awesome participants, and friends who helped with interviewing! Photo credit for 1, 2, 4 and 7 goes to the lovely Jamie Gray, while 6 and 9 are the work of Tony Au. All quotes are the words of my participants, and the writing/artwork is my own. Thanks everyone, I couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

Enneagram Photo Project {Part. II}

Instincts: 5

Now that we’ve covered the basics of core type 5, lets talk about instinctual differences! If you need a refresher on instinctual variants and what that means, check out my first post on the topic.


When talking about instincts, it’s important to realize how the same instinct can look different from core type to core type. The general descriptions of the instincts (above) are much less specific than when those instincts are applied to a specific Enneagram type.

The nihilism, knowledge seeking and withdrawn nature of type 5 manifest with each instinct in a unique way.


Though different, it’s easy to see how the first (general descriptions) factor into the type specific ones.  As aforementioned, all 5’s will probably relate somewhat to all three above descriptions, but more strongly with one or two.  This brings us to the concept of Instinctual Stack, which denotes the order of an individual’s instinctual need.  For instance, Sp/So tells us that Self Preservation is preferred/needed most, So is auxiliary and Sx is the “blind spot”.  I do also think looking into the instincts of your wing (especially if it is heavy) is important to behold the whole picture.

Other great sources for more detailed reading on the instincts, are The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut, these descriptions originally from (the now inactive) Ocean Moonshine, and the work of early Enneagram scholar, Claudio Naranjo (notes on his work on the instincts).

Have any questions about instincts, Enneagram or typing? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Instincts: 5

Enneagram 5

Today, let’s check out an overview of Enneagram 5, commonly called The Investigator.  Click for a closer look!


5’s have a great need to figure out the puzzles of life, both to make sense of things, but also to be sure of themselves. The Investigator is located in the “head” section of the Enneagram, which brings a focus on thinking and analysis, but also on fear. Each “head” type (5, 6 and 7) has a distinct fear focus, which for a 5 is centered on the outside world. 5’s are most comfortable in their own minds, where they can sift information, analyze facts and come to conclusions– the outside world however, does not offer such solace.  5’s I have interviewed described this fear in terms of needing to be absolutely sure of their ideas, thoughts or skills before sharing them with others.  Whether it’s decades of learning an instrument behind closed doors, before they feel able to step onto a stage, or withholding an idea at a staff meeting because they believe it’s “not ready yet”. Observation is another word that is often used to describe a 5’s stance on learning, and attitude towards social constructs.

5’s can be true trail blazing visionaries when they are health-focused, because of the analytical capabilities of their minds, and their lack of concern for cultural expectations. Their true downfall is in the self sabotage of holding themselves, and their minds at bay– out of the reach of the world. When very unhealthy, 5’s tend to have less and less of a grasp on reality, and the potential for their ideas to apply to it. Usually bouncing erratically from thought to thought, and unable to make progress in any one area, unhealthy 5’s end up frustrated and misunderstood.

Investigators are often misunderstood for their puzzle solving and strong desire to understand the way things work, because they can go on when fascinated.  This can vary between a feeling of musing to one of digging, but 5’s do seem to be always thinking and present in their inner dialogue about the world around them (as a way of battling their fear of it).

If you have questions about Enneagram 5, feel free to leave them below! Otherwise, be on the lookout for Instincts of 5 in the next few days!

Enneagram 5