Eternal Study

I started this blog mostly because I have an insatiable desire to understand people (myself included)– who they are underneath masks and first impressions, what their mask is made of and if they even know they are wearing it. How much nurture and nature contribute to these things, and in what ways?  My mind’s supply of these questions never ends.

Several weeks ago, my Mom and I were driving back from a Mother’s Day morning at a vintage and antiques market, and on the way passed my childhood church. I hadn’t been there since I was 7, and yet, recognized it immediately (even noting that the rusty, ancient playground set had been taken down). That moment, like so many others, launched me into a frenzy of thought over how I remembered that so clearly, and what determines a person’s rate/accuracy of recollection– even, how that might be tied to personality.

Study of the Enneagram has given me such a great tool with which to pursue these questions, and even after almost five years, I’m still observing and studying on a daily basis.  It blows my mind to bits to encounter person after person, that see this system simply as a fun quiz, or conversely as a means of stereotyping themselves or others. Either perspective skips past the balanced place that uses the Enneagram as a lens with which to see the behaviors of self and others through– a lens that reveals the why.

Humanity is full of rich and interesting characters, but still I’ve found that the Enneagram applies to each one I’ve seen or known.  That’s pretty crazy, definitely not something I would have believed when first introduced to “The Wisdom of The Enneagram”. In truth, though, God loves patterns and systems– science, history and mathematics are all chock full of them. It stands to reason that our lives and personal identities would too. Our responsibility is merely to see those patterns, find out what they mean, and respond differently because of them.

Though I’ll surely continue writing here, I’ve been encouraged several times of late to consider starting an Enneagram Girl podcast— I’m a lover of words, written and spoken, but there are times that I’ve realized the overwhelming benefit of spoken words. Specifically the numerous times that I’ve been explaining Enneagram in writing to a person, and then reach the point of, “Argh. I’ll need to explain the rest of this in person.” Maybe it’s how much longer it takes to type, than to speak?  Each form has its benefit to be sure, but in the coming month, I’ll be looking into starting a podcast!  I hope that if you’ve enjoyed my writing about the Enneagram, here, that you’ll check out the audio version if/when it comes to fruition. You’ll know either way, because I’ll surely post about it here!

And so, the eternal study continues. 🙂

Eternal Study

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