Enneagram Core Type Gatherings



Hello friends!  My absence this past month or so has been because something is in the works!  Remember when I said that I eventually wanted to continue the participant based Enneagram study that I began with my Enneagram Photo Project?  Well, the time has come for the next segment: Enneagram Core Type Gatherings!

I will be holding nine different workshops over the next handful of months, for core-specific conversation and teaching! Because of space, and a desired level of depth, groups will be capped at seven participants for each core type.  During our time together, we will make time for peer-sharing of experiences, talk specifically about how to recognize healthy and unhealthy flags in the everyday, and investigate how your core type can better handle conflict with specific other Enneagram types!

Interested in more info about this, or other Enneagram events, study or teaching that I have on deck?  I’m trying to be responsible and send out news on such, so sign up for updates in the info bar on the upper right! 🙂

Enneagram Core Type Gatherings

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