Misidentification: 4 + 9


This, like the combo before, is a pretty common confusion. Peacemakers and Individualists can behave and look very similar, even having kindred ideals. Both tend to be emotionally intuitive, deep thinkers, drawn to nature and the creative world, and usually are somewhat socially withdrawn. This surface commonality, however, is dwarfed by the inner differences between the two.

9’s are conflict averse creatures, and tend to lay low in stormy waters. 4’s on the other hand, are one of the three types dubbed reactive in the Enneagram– which means they are quick to express their viewpoint, feelings, etc.  Peacemakers are known to idealize the world and people around them, and thus can become self forgetting, neglecting their own personal development, interests and sense of self, in order to maintain peace with others. Individualists on the other hand, spend exorbitant amounts of time analyzing their feelings, identity, preferences and general inner world. These very different tendencies land 9’s and 4’s with two very different predicaments: 9’s become detached from who they are, building stubborn resentment in silence against those around them. Conversely, 4’s end up alienating those around them out of their self absorbed fixation on authentic identity.  Individualists have issues with dissatisfaction, emotional volatility and shame, where Peacemakers struggle more with issues of apathy, resentment and anxiety.

More often than not, this misidentification happens when Peacemakers mistake themselves as Individualists (not the other way around). Because their own needs, preferences and defining characteristics are often muted to 9’s, it’s easy to understand why they tend be more prone to mistyping.  It’s interesting to note also, that either potental wing for a 9 (1 or 8) has definite connections to 4 as well– making it even more probable that a 9 might mistype as a 4.

As with any type misidentification, one of the best tools to determine accuracy are the other components of type: integration when health focused, disintegration when under stress, and even wings. 4 and 9 have very different health journeys, and stress points. You can read more about them here: 4 | 9.

Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at enneagramgirl@yahoo.com, and tune in next time for my misidentification post on types 1 and 6!

Misidentification: 4 + 9

3 thoughts on “Misidentification: 4 + 9

  1. Mahdi P. Javan says:

    i’m kinda thinking that i’m a 9 but my 3&5 are much higher than 1&8
    is this related to anything?? can i say that i’m a 4 because of the stronger wings??


    1. Hi! I’d avoid that kind of side logic when trying to arrive at a core type conclusion. Just because your 3 and 5 scores are higher doesn’t really mean anything, because all you are being tested on is self reported traits (not motivations). Maybe just focus on comparing the motives of the core types you most resonate with first— incorporating instinct does also seem to help people who are on the fence.


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