Enneagram 9

We’ve arrived at type 9, the Peacemaker! Let’s check out the basics. Feel free to click the image for a closer look!


Peacemakers often seem like very mellow individuals, but their wells tend to run deep. The greatest fear of an Enneagram 9, is the potential separation from others, specifically people they love.  They are said to feel very connected, both to other people, but also to the natural world around them– this being a silent, almost intuitive connection. To protect this bond from being broken, Peacemakers live up to their name by lying low. Several 9’s I know have used very similar language around their fear of ever being disruptive to others– words, including “obnoxious”, “loud”, and “annoying” have painted the picture of what they would rather never be perceived as.

Peacemakers are found in the Gut (or Intuitive) center of the Enneagram, which is indicative of issues in regards to anger. 9’s tend to repress their anger, to the point that they are often unaware of it– this is in order to avoid the aforementioned fears of disrupting harmony. In order to deny (or forget) their negative feelings, 9’s often “numb out”. This is why many Peacemakers feel (within themselves, and to others) to be very “light”, soft, or low energy.

This brings us to the core passion (or sin) of Sloth, which is something of a cop out. By lying low, or fading into the background, Peacemakers often negate both themselves and others. What feels to them like staying connected in the moment, is really holding the inner self at bay (even from themselves).

Health-seeking 9’s however, can be among the wisest and deeply understanding individuals. When they are able to ground themselves in their bodies, “remembering” their preferences and feelings, they will cease to “be blown about by the wind” so to speak. Integrating Peacemakers are active participants in life, rather than passive bystanders who merely ride the current that others produce.

If you have thoughts or questions about Enneagram 9, feel free to comment below!  Be on the lookout for my next post on the Instinctual varieties of the Peacemaker, which will be my last overview post!  Following that, I’ll be posting a photo/interview based project I’ve put together on the Enneagram, which I am so excited to share! Stay tuned, friends. 🙂

Enneagram 9

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