Enneagram 3

Today I’ll be covering the basic outline of Enneagram 3, often called the Acheiver. Feel free to click to get a closer look!


I think the clearest explanation of what a 3 desires, is to win.  Whatever it is, the Achiever is a master at becoming, or adapting whatever they need to in order to get what they want in life– the term chameleon is often used, and I think it fits well.  3’s are said to sacrifice their “heart’s desire” early in life, in order to become who or what their culture deems valuable, because of this they often have trouble identifying who they truly are. That ability to alter the self (don masks) in order to succeed, waters down their core identity over time– which often results in an artificial, “salesman” type of default presentation.

It is important to note, that the passion of Deceit (of self and others) is very commonly a subconscious one (just as pride and manipulation are for a 2) in type 3 individuals. Charm is a very apparent characteristic of most 3’s, and tends to blind others to patterns of deceit at work.

3’s tend to be very competitive (hence “the Acheiver”) and those I have known have a general desire to be the best at everything, or whatever they are currently doing.  That said, people of this type do model themselves after the culture, and tend to latch on to specific ideals (people, concepts, vocations, etc.) to define themselves and fill their identity void.

A note on wings that I’ve often found (amusingly) true: while a 3 with a 2 wing will burn themselves out completely doing and trying to achieve the goal, I’ve noted that 3’s with a 4 wing tend to be more managerial, distributing tasks to others in order to get things done– they have minions, really. Haha. 😉

If you have questions about Enneagram 3, feel free to ask in the comments!  Stay tuned for my next post on the instinctual varieties of the Acheiver.

Enneagram 3

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