Enneagram 2

Moving right along, let’s take a look at the basics of Enneagram 2: The Helper. Feel free to click on the image for a closer look!


2’s desire above all else to be loved, but tend to get it by means of loving to get love back. Hence the nickname, 2’s tend to be very giving, helpful, nurturing people, who at their best can be truly servant-hearted. Still, in average levels of health, their benevolence usually comes with more strings attached than even they, themselves realize.  Pride manifests in a 2 in such a way that they think they must help others in order to receive love in return– and think that when they do, they are owed recompense, often without ever verbalizing it.  This can resemble martyr or victim mentality– either making others need them, or being helplessly in need of others (either way to secure love).

The path of health for a 2 is in realizing that they must stand on their own two feet as individuals, and value their own identity, before they can be a truly loving person without expectations of repayment.  Healthy 2’s speak their minds more readily, no longer fearing that love will be denied if they are not doing for others.

A point that I’ve always found fascinating about 2’s is that they often have a seductive nature, a point which I feel goes unnoticed and gives a great picture of what 2 is all about.  This is the best explanation I’ve read: “Twos are often seductive in their presentation. This might seem at odds with the description of Twos as being “mothering,” but both seductiveness and nurturing are manifestations of the same unconsciously manipulative desire to find a way to engage the other’s attention.”

That quote, and more great info on Enneagram 2 can be found here. Check back in a few days for the Instinctual varieties of 2, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments! 🙂

Enneagram 2

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